January 20 - March 5, 2020


Welcome to our first ever YOU Challenge! Hosted by Next Hot Yoga and MackFitness305, this Challenge aims to help you learn how to change your lifestyle in order to change your life, from the inside out! 

What’s Included:

· 6 weeks

· Pre-challenge meet & greet and Q/A session on January 15, 2020

· Mid-way check-in on Challenge progress

· Private weigh-in and goal-setting

· Set private individual nutrition targets, including daily caloric intake (depending on your goals)

· Basic grocery list

· Challenge Workbook, which includes: 

    *weekly strength training program designed for this Challenge 

    *sample menus

    *additional nutrition information


· Private Facebook group with fellow Challenge participants

· 1 free Hot Iron class (valued at $25)

· Special reduced rate unlimited class pass to Next Hot Yoga for duration of Challenge (pay for one month ($150), get an extra 2 weeks for free!)

· Access to us for questions, comments, discussion, etc.

· Bonus “pop-up” surprises throughout the Challenge

What’s Required:

· 4 strength-training days per week (gym setting preferred)

· Yoga 3 times per week (at a studio/class of your choice, or at home) 

· Meditation

· Daily journaling

· Post to private Facebook group at least once a week

· Your commitment to participate in the Challenge for the duration of the Challenge

All of this for just $199. Sign up on the Home page and find out what YOU are made of.

You ready?