Do I need to bring a mat and/or yoga towel?

No! A yoga mat and towel is included with every class, whether you are just dropping in for a one-off or you are a pass holder. Of course you are always welcome to bring your own mat and towel. But if you're out and about and want to drop in for a class, or you're headed out around Key West after class and don't have a place to put your wet mat and towel, we've got you covered! There is no extra or hidden fee for this convenience.

How do you heat the room and why is it important?

Next Hot Yoga has 6 state-of-the-art silent ceramic radiant heat panels mounted around the studio. They emit a sun-warmth type of heat that feels gentle rather than drying. There is no hot air blowing on you or red hot coils to be concerned about. Run by a thermostat, you can hear them crackle from time to time as they maintain a uniform temperature throughout the room and the class. The heat permeates your body, helping to warm you up from the inside out.

Why the heat is important is one of the most popular questions asked. The heat is an integral part of Bikram yoga (in particular) and is the signature of Next Hot Yoga for all classes. Think of a blacksmith working with metal. In order to bend, shape and change metal, it first must be heated. Our bodies are the same. The heat provides a therapeutic environment for the various yoga postures to rejuvenate, repair and restore flexibility, blood flow and strength to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Are all of the classes hot?

We do hot stuff at Next Hot Yoga, so heat is a component to all of our classes. But the heat of each class varies. Our Bikram classes are by far the warmest classes on offer, with the room reaching a traditional 104 degree/40% humidity. This may vary from class to class depending on time of day and outside temperatures. The heat in a hot yoga studio is always a balancing act! The rest of our classes are in a warm room of varying degrees (depending on the class).

How much water should I drink and when?

Everyone is different, so there is no hard and fast rule for this. However, since Next Hot Yoga is located in South Florida, which has a mostly humid climate virtually year-round, drinking at least 1-2 liters of water per day throughout the day will keep you well hydrated. If you practice hot yoga, or do any type of exercise where you perspire or sweat, add another liter or two of water to that, and throw in some electrolytes between drinking water for good measure. Next Hot Yoga recommends natural electrolytes (versus expensive powders or electrolyte drinks with added stuff in them) but any electrolytes will do when in need. Try not to drink a lot of water just before class as your body needs time to absorb the fluids to make good use of them during class. It's also difficult to practice yoga or exercise with a belly full of anything, so just be mindful and use good judgment.

Should I eat before class?

Again, it's very difficult to practice yoga or exercise on a full stomach, so a small snack like a piece of fruit or carrot sticks (for example) may be better for you to munch on just before class. Try to avoid having any big meals at least 2-3 hours before class. Also, consider what you're eating. A big greasy hamburger or a cheesy pepperoni pizza might not help you as much in class as a tuna or fruit salad might. 

I'm really nervous about hot yoga. Are you sure it's for me?

Next Hot Yoga believes in trying things at least once. The hardest part is walking in the door. In most cases, it's our heads that tell us all of the negative things that end up talking us out of what could be the best thing for us. So try to keep an open mind. Try to just stay in the room for the first class. And most importantly, remember...it's only yoga. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Enjoy, and see you in the hot room!